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Bottle Washing Machine

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Glass Bottle Washing Machine

JG automatic glass bottle washing machine with rotary structure based on air jet washing system. Suitable all kinds of glass bottles washing

Product Details

Glass Bottle Washing Machine



JG fully automatic rotary bottle washing machine, bottle clean machine, base on air jet washing system, suitable for all kinds of glass bottle washing.

The machine applies unique overturning bottle clamp, the bottle clamp grips bottle at neck position, avoiding bottle mouth thread contamination caused by rubber gripper block of a traditional bottle clamp. The high efficiency atomizing air jet nozzle installed on bottle clamp is capable of cleaning any part of bottle inner wall,

The machine adopted advanced programmable controller PLC, easy control smart touch screen. It’s connect an cooperated with production line, washing head can be customized according to your exact needs.


The bottle washing machine also can combined with rotary filling and capping system. Capping system is based rotary ropp caper which have the functions of sealing and locking, it’s especially applicable for glass bottles with aluminum material caps, such as the the caps of like, olive oil, whisky, vodka, alcohol, etc.


Application of JG bottle washing, filling and capping system

The washing, filling and capping system suitable for all kinds of glass bottles, widely used in olive oil, wine, vodka, alcohol, whisky, champagne, system, etc.


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Whole packaging line solution manufacturer;

Specialized in liquid filling machine with more than 10 years experience. Products applicable for various of liquid filling system. such as oil industry, cosmetic industry, condiment industry, beverage industry.

Expert in edible oil filling packaging system; China biggest market share in edible oil filling packaging line;

Strategic Partners of COFCO, Yihai Kerry, Sinograin,Chinatex. Supply whole edible oil packaging line for top famous groups, such as COFCO, Yihai Kerry, Sinograin,Chinatex, Jiusan, ,etc.


JG provide turnkey service for the whole filling system packaging line, we design and manufacturer from bottle blow moulding, filling system, capping machine, labeling machien, case packaging machine, carton erector, sealing machine , conveying, to palletizing system.




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