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Carton Erector

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Carton erector can replace labor, improve production efficiency by up to 30%, and save 5-10% of consumables. It is a high-quality choice for enterprises to save costs, improve production efficiency and achieve standardization of packaging. As one of the most professional carton erector manufacturers and suppliers in China, Jingguang offers the best customized carton erector with competitive price. Welcome to buy carton erector made in China from our factory.
1. High-tech and imported parts: introduce and absorb international counterparts in carton erector.
2. Advanced technology in the field, and the use of imported parts, imported electrical components and pneumatic components.
3. Unique and exquisite design: light weight, complementary pulleys, flexible displacement, more convenient installation and commissioning.
4. T-shaped sealing:
* Automatically adjust the width and height of the machine according to the carton specifications, which is simple, convenient and fast;
* The carton enters the 90 degree cornering machine after being sealed by the front automatic folding and sealing machine, and is pushed into the corner sealing machine by the pushing box board;
* The upper and lower corners are sealed by a fully automatic corner sealing machine, and finally the I-shaped sealing box is achieved;
* Applicable to a variety of carton automatic folding cover I-shaped sealing, the upper and lower corners of the carton are automatically sealed and smoothed at the same time, fast, stable.
5. High quality, economical and durable: stable performance, reliable quality, high sealing efficiency, strong applicability, long service life; high cost performance, suitable for a variety of carton type seals.
6. Professional sealing performance: smooth, standardized, beautiful, simple machine operation, convenient maintenance and stable performance.
7. Low failure rate:
* The machine features precise and durable performance, strict structural design, no vibration during operation, stable and reliable operation;
* Fitted with blade guard to avoid accidental stab wounds during operation, safe production, and efficient packaging;
* Parts pass the aging test to ensure that each detail is more stable and the failure rate is low.
Carton erector is widely used in food, medicine, tobacco, beverage, cosmetic, toys, automotive, cable, electronics and other industries at home and abroad.
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