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Case packer runs smoothly and reliably, and the packaging effect is firm and beautiful. The main components are selected by international famous brand equipment, which is easy to operate and maintain. As one of the most professional case packer manufacturers and suppliers in China, Jingguang offers the best customized case packer with competitive price. Welcome to buy case packer made in China from our factory.
Case packer is a device for semi-automatic or automatic loading of unpackaged products or small-package products into a transport package. The working principle is to load the products into the box in a certain arrangement and quantitatively, and open the box. Partially closed or sealed. According to the requirements of the cartoning machine, it should have the functions of carton forming, metering and packing, and some are also equipped with sealing or strapping function.
Case packer is a machine for completing the transportation package, loading the packaged product into the box in a certain arrangement and quantitatively, and closing or sealing the opening portion of the box. Case packer can automatically arrange the package, insert it into the open carton, and complete the packing equipment such as self-adhesive sealing. All the actions are fully automatic.
1. The new combined structure, including the functional unit such as the boxing device, the aligning device, the filling device and the sealing device, respectively performs the corresponding functional actions, and each device is installed on the same main frame.
2. The box blank of the box-forming device is above, the filling device is directly below the box-forming device, the entire device is in front of the filling device, and the sealing device is behind the filling device.
3. Controlled by PLC + touch screen. There is a bottle alarm stop, no bottle and no box safety device.
4. The case packer is greatly convenient to operate, manage, reduce production personnel and labor intensity, and is an indispensable equipment for automated scale production.
Case packer is an intelligent automatic cartoning machine, which uses high-speed distribution device to package various containers, packaging plastic flat bottles, round bottles, irregular shaped bottles, glass bottles of various sizes, round bottles, oval bottles, square cans and paper cans, etc., also apply to boxes with partitions.
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