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Case Packer

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Case Packer Machine

JG design and manufacture fully automatic case packer machine for pet bottles, HDPE bottles, and glass bottles.

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Case Packer Machine

JG fully automatic pick and place case packer machine through the grippers pick up the goods up and place it in the boxes. Grippers make of stainless steel, there are 2 types of case packer machine optional according to your budget and production needs. This type of case packer widely used in edible oil, cooking oil packaging line.


Top load case packer

We offer full solutions according to your budget and production line needs.

Mechanical case packers is the most cost-effective solutions for case packaging system, it can suitable most smaller and medium scale production and with less cost.

This machine can be operated on line with automatic bottle-dividing technology. It can run automatically, controlled by PLC, mainly driven by servo motor, with subsystems of which the speed can be adjustable stage less. It is highlighted by high automation level, reliable control, easy adjustment as well as convenient operation and maintenance so that it can be widely applied to beverage, beer, chemical, food and medical industries. It can provide a secondary packing to all kinds of bottles, and can be used in association with automatic filling production lines.




1. Adopt straight bottle feeding way: Compact and small occupancy space.
2. Adopt the way that carton is fed from side: Simple and reasonable structure and less fault ratio.
3. Adopt two-step pressure reducing: Product pressure is reduced effectively and no block. After product falls for packing, it is at micro-pressure and stable conveying state. Equip anti-collapse and bottle holding structure which can avoid bottle collapse effectively.
4. Adopt cylinder controlling bottle falling system: High positioning accuracy and exact movement action. It reduces the impact and vibration effectively while equipment is running and improves stability and reliability greatly.

Robot case packer

Robot case packer with high speed, high accuracy, flexible cooperate system, minimal space need. Robots supplying by STSrobotics, LinShun, the most famous brand in china, stable and high quality with competitive price.




Features of Robot Palletizer

1. Touch screen controller, easy use;
2. Let linear motion come true, simplify control system; 
3. Simple structure, low failure rate and convenient maintenance; 
4. Few main parts and accessories, so maintenance cost low;
5. Only need a little floor space,

6. Diverse models, flexibly adapt various palletizing requirements;
7. Manipulator arm Lightsome strong, energy conservation and environmental protection.


JG case packer machine specially suitable for pet bottles, HDPE bottles, etc. available for the products which like edible oil, cooking oil, palm oil, lube oil, lubricant oil, shampoo, sauces, etc.


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