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Edible Oil Case Packer

We are flexible to customize different types of case packer for edible oil packaging line, available for different types of oil filling bottles.

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Edible Oil Case Packer

JG can design and manufacture various of case packer for various of edible oil according to the various of filling bottles. Over all, there have 2 types of case packing machine widely be used in edible oil, cooking oil, vegetable oil packaging lines.



Fully Automatic Mechanical Case Packing Machine

It’s through the grippers to pick the filling bottles up and place it down to the cartons, Grippers can be customized according to the packing requirements, it can be designed to different structure to meet different scale production needs.





1. Main drive adopts frequency regulation and PLC control technology, combining human-machine interface, realize steeples speed regulation, with rapid communication ability and strong diagnosis function, automatically is high.

2. Adopts side bottle-feeding way, area is small, simplify the conveying system, reduce the whole line equipment investment cost.

3. Adopts rocker arm institution or servo drive, structure is more advance and reasonable, action is more light & stable, consumption is also small.

4. Adopts multi-level decompression bottle-feeding way, avoid bottle-falling phenomenon, assure the bottle-grab align accurately with the product, high in stability.

5. Comply with the national safety standards, with a variety of protection functions, alarm timely when there appear faults, can shutdown to protect.


Robotic Case Packer

Robotic case packer more flexible and easy to cooperate, grippers can be customized based on the shape, size of the products. China made robots from STSrobotics, LinShun perfectly meet the needs of case packaging system and also with most competitive price. on the other hand, robots from ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, Kawasaki also available for your needs.




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