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Oil Filling Machine

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Automatic Oil Packing Machine

We provide full solutions for Automatic oil packaging line based on your specific needs.Products including from filling, capping, labeling, case packer, palletizing.

Product Details

We provide full solutions for automatic oil packaging line based on your specific needs.

Products including from filling, capping, labeling, case packer, palletizing.

Filling System : According to your production capacity needs, there are 2 types of bottle filling machine/ bottle filler/ packing filler for you choice, inline filling machine and rotary type filling machine, Rotary filling machine normally designed with capping system together, this type of oil filling machine can handle big production line, inline filling machine can be designed as 4 head bottle filling machine, 6 nozzle filling machine, 8 head filling machine, even can with more filling heads based on your exact needs.

Both type of filling machine with advanced man-machine control system, with data storage and malfunction alarm function, easy to cooperate.

It applies to various tall and short bottles which are round, square, oblate or flat square or  in any shapes. It applies to customers to replace different specifications of bottles.

Automatic Oil Packing Machine Video

Rotary Type Filling And Capping Machine

Main Features:

1. Filling and capping integrated model
2. Filling Range( 0.5L-5L)

3. Based on net weight technology, each filling head built in weight sensor.

4. Smart touch panel and PLC control.

5. High filling speed suitable for bigger scale production line. 3500BPH/5L/16filling head

6. High precision (+/-2g for 5L)

7. Suitable bottle: PET Bottle, HDPE Bottle, Glass Bottle/ Any shapes

8. Suitable products : edible oil, lubricant oil,lube oil, engine oil, honey, high value liquid products, and other high viscosity liquid.

Linear Flow Meter Filling Machine

Main Features

1.The most cost-effective choice and with widely filling range (0.5l-30L)

2.Smart touch panel and PLC control.

3.Higher precision ( ≤=/-2%): best root flow meter supplying by China most famous military factory

4.Production capacity: 2000BPH/5L/10 filling heads

5.Suitable bottle: PET Bottle, HDPE Bottle, Glass Bottle/ Any shapes.

6. It can be designed as single line, double line (even with high speed rotary type)

7. Suitable products : applicable for most liquid filling system, for the products like edible oil. cooking oil, vegetable oil, lubricant oil, lube oil, engine oil, sauces, vinegar, shampoo, wine, alcohol, etc.

We also manufacturer capping machine, labeling machine,  case erector, case packaging machine and others automatic machines for the whole oil packaging line.


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