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Oil Filling Machine

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Cooking Oil Filling Capping Machines

We offer one stop service for the entire oil packaging line from filling, capping to palletizing.

Product Details

We offer one stop service for the entire oil packaging line from filling, capping to palletizing

We have 2 types of oil filling machine/oil filler for optional according to your needs.

Rotary type filling machine and in line filling machine/linear filling machine.

Rotary filling machine mainly designed with capping system together, \this type of filling machine have the functions of high filling speed, high filling precision, smaller foot print, mainly used on bigger filling line. Flowmeter is the most economical choice, and can compatible lots types of bottles at the meanwhile.

Cooking Oil Filling Capping Machines video

Main Features

1. All our filling machine used the most advanced technology that built in Germany HBM weight sensor or China made flowmeter from military factory. This types of filling machine have much higher filling accuracy, lower cooperation noise and easy cooperation system than the most oil fillers on the market.

2. All filling machine can be connect with capping system or aluminium caps, we can design it based on your specific requirements.

3. PLC control and smart touch panel operation system,  frequency conversion adjusting speed, fully high degree automation.

4. Frequency inverter speed controlling device, no bottling no filling

5. Whole machine designed and manufactured qualified to GMP Standard

6. Adopt top liquid hopper, with auto level sensor to control liquid supplying and stopping.

Inline filling and capping


Rotary filling and capping

Any types of oil bottle or caps, we can custom it based on your needs.


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