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Oil Filling Machine

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Mustard Oil Bottle Filling Machine

Fully automatic mustard oil bottle filling machine suitable any types of oil bottles.

Product Details

This type of oil filling machine adopts the principle of microcomputer control, We all use 304 stainless steel or food level material to ensure the high quality of our machine. PLC control system is used and electric parts are using famous brand like Mitsubishi Siemens Schneider and so on.

Mustard Oil Bottle Filling Machine Video:

Advance Characteristics:

1. Each filling head built in flow meter control devices, this type of technology have much higher filling precision, easy cooperation than pump and piston filler,

2. It avalible all kinds of filling bottles in the meanwhile through  adjusting the height and the width of the conveyor chains.

3. No bottle, no filling, most advanced brand materials, food grade material, GMP standard.

4. Filling uses liquid cylinder feeding structure, filling valve uses new normal pressure filling, ensure the filling correct and stable,


Accessories name

Brand name


Siemens German

electrical elements

Schneider France

amphenol connector

Weidmuller German

pneumatic element

AirTac Taiwan


China military factory


KEYENCE Japan it is waterproof


Danfoss Denmark

PS: For high filling speed and big production capacity need, we also have rotary type of oil filling machine for optional. Pls kindly back to our homepage and view “ product video” for reference.

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