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Oil Filling Machine

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Oil Bottle Filling Machine

Fully automatic oil bottle filling machine suitable for fill any high viscosity oil liquid in any shapes, sizes of bottles.

Product Details

This type of fully automatic liquid filling machine especially designed for high viscosity oil liquid , inviscid liquid and corrosive liquid. Widely be used in in plant oil system, cooking/vegetable oil /food oil /edible oil system, chemical liquid, industrial liquid, and other daily chemical industry.

One machine can also filling different sizes and types of filling bottles at the same time.

Oil bottle filling machine video as below:            

Main Features:

1. One filling head with one flowmeter to control the filling volume, single frequency control the speed regulation.

2. Each filling head with power device to ensure the high speed filling.

3. High precision, each filling head independent control, each filling head built in a flowmeter to control the filling volume.

4. It can increase the number of filling heads on the original basis then saving totlal cost, on the other hand one machine can compatible various of types of filling bottles at the same time.

5. Germay SIEMENS PLC smart touch screen control for easy cooperation.

Bottle Material

Bottle Shape

Filling Range

Filling Heads

Production Capacity

PET / PP / PE / Glass / Metal

Round / Square/ unusual Shape




Bottle components

rapid replacement without tools, such as star wheels for bottle infeed and outfeed, and bottleneck clamps

Filling precision

limit deviation: ±1-2g

Finished Product Display:


Remark: We also have high filling speed rotary type of filling machine for choice, pls back to homepage and find the” Product Video” page for reference.

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