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Oil Filling Machine

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Oil Bottle Packaging Machine

Our oil bottle packaging machine can fill, edible oil , cooking oil, lube oil, lubricant oil, honey, and any high viscosity liquid in glass bottle, plastic bottle ,tin, jar, can.

Product Details

Our oil bottle packaging machine can fill edible oil, cooking oil, food oil, plant oil, vegetable oil, engine oil, lube oil, lubricant oil, honey, and any high viscosity liquid in glass bottle, plastic bottle ,tin, jar, can and other containers. according to different type and production capacity need, we also have 2 kinds of filling machine for optional, rotary type and inline type.

Oil Bottle Packaging Machine Video

Main Features:

1. Rotary type of oil filling machine, mainly integrating with washing system, filling system, capping system, it fully automatically in the whole process, suitable for glass bottle and pet bottle, mainly be used in bigger production capacity line.

2. The inline filling machine have widely compatible capacity for different type of bottles, one filling machine can fill several types, sizes of bottles at the same time.


3. Our fully automatic oil filling machine adopts the most advanced Mitsubishi PLC and smart touch screen operation system, automatically control the running, our filling machine have much higher filling precision as based on the most advanced technology as each filling head built in flow meter or net weight sensor of Germany HBM. 

4. The input bottle chain adopts speed controlling by frequency, the output bottle chain adopts adjustable speed, it ensure the output bottle have more stability running.

5. The filling machine can connect with capping machine, caps can be PET caps, twist off caps, screw caps, aluminum caps, twist off caps.

We also supply other oil packaging machines for the whole oil packaging line, such as carton erector, auto carton folding and tapping machine, coding machine, top load case packer, robot case packer, robot palletizer.

The whole packaging line process as below.


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