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inline Filling Machine

JG automatic in line filling machine applicable for various of liquid, such as oil industry, cosmetic industry, condiment industry, beverage industry, etc.

Product Details

Inline Filling Machine

JG has over 10 years experience in manufacturing filling machines, JG automatic in line filling machine mainly based on weigh and flow meter technology , it’s applicable for various of liquid filling system. such as oil industry, cosmetic industry, condiment industry, beverage industry.

JG inline filling machine –net weigh filling machine for liquid.

Each filling head have a weigh sensor, filling volume can be measure by net weight, this machine used for products sold by weight. Can be used for bulk products sold in totes and pails as well as for precise weights of smaller volume products that have a very high manufactured value. Output is typically lower with a higher capital cost on this type of filler.



inline filling machine –flow meter filling machine for liquid. 

Automatic straight line high precision flow meter filling machine, this machine is straight line filling machine. It is suitable for filling with round glass bottles and plastic bottles of various shapes. it’s can handle a wide range of filling volumes from 500ml to gallons.

Filling principle is through the touch screen to set the PLC filling volume and filling speed, through flow meter to control the filling volume. can handles moderately viscous (edible oil, lube oil, detergent, salsa, etc.)and low viscous (alcohol, water-thin liquids) products. Our flow meter is roots flow meter which supplying by China most famous military factory, products have more higher precision, more flexible adjustment, lower cooperation noise. This type of filler won’t affect by the ambient temperature or with batch variation.




Main Features:

♦ High efficiency and low cost

♦ Fully automatic control and high hygiene design

♦ Excellent and stable product quality

♦ Saving work space and manpower for users

♦ Easy maintenance and high safety standard

Application of JG Inline Filling Machine

JG Inline filling machine applicable for various of liquid filling system, such as oil filling system, cosmetic filling system, condiment industry, beverage industry. Suitable for the products like, edible oil, cooking oil, vegetable oil, lubricant oil, lube oil, engine oil, sauces, vinegar, shampoo, wine, alcohol, etc.


Application on edible oil filling system





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