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Automatic out of the box machine
Oct 16, 2017

Open the box set automatically out of the box, automatically folded under the cover, automatically sealed the bottom of the carton, the machine uses PLC + man-machine interface control, folding end does not stay, delivery in the end of folding, back cover; at the same time complete the suction box, forming, folding, The whole process; easy to operate, simple maintenance, stable performance, is an automated scale production essential pipeline equipment.

The box is mainly composed of the upper box mechanism, the main frame, the vacuum suction box, the main drive, the box plate lifting mechanism, the rocker gearbox mechanism, the outfit mechanism, the height adjustment mechanism, the carton short side edge folding machine, Plastic body guide, compact crater and hot melt adhesive system, pneumatic control system, electrical control system and other components.

Out of the box machine is also called the carton molding machine, the bottom of the box according to a certain procedure equivalent, and sealed with a tape after delivery to the packing machine dedicated equipment. Automatic carton molding machine, automatic out of the box is a large number of cartons automatically out of the box, automatically folded under the cover, automatic sealing the bottom of the tape line equipment, the machine used all PLC + display control, greatly facilitate the operation is essential for automated scale production device of.