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Automatic outfit machine features
Oct 16, 2017

Automatic box out of the box automatically completed out of the box, forming, the bottom of the folding folds and now complete the next part of the tape paste, the machine will be stacked into the cardboard box automatically open the box at the bottom of a certain program equivalent, and sealed with tape To the packing machine for special equipment. Features: The machine uses P.L.C + display control, greatly facilitate the operation, management, reduce. Professional precision design, the whole machine using cam continuous system, the machine is running accurate and stable. Breaking the traditional tape device design, sealing close, tape smoothing effect is good, never jump with (or the use of hot melt type) molding and sealing with stepless speed control, can be adjusted to speed, save time carton storage Horizontal design, can be added at any time.

Automatic outfit machine features

1, this series models, carton forming back cover as the main function.

2, carton board storage, the use of vertical storage and can be added at any time carton board (without downtime box).

3, applicable carton specifications, at the same time the same carton size packaging use, if you want to change the specifications of the carton, hand adjustment use (adjust the time required only 2 to 3 minutes).

4, this series of rational design, to simultaneously absorb the shape, with the end of the same end with the back of a complete synchronization.

5, mechanical performance precision and durable, no vibration during operation, stable operation long life.

6, the volume of light, high mobility, high speed, high efficiency.