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Automatic sealing machine
Oct 16, 2017

1. The sealing machine structure uses the screw and chain to adjust the two widths synchronously.

2. The use of imported sealing machine accessories new patent tape device, no blower blowing quite tape, the use of patented tablet device, so that the tape will not bend down and can not be made, sealed packaging convenient.

3. The width of the belt design to better grasp the grip. The hook-type connection design, there will be no degumming fracture occurred, sealing machine using the replacement belt is very easy, convenient and fast.

4. Sealing tape manufacturers independent innovation Large drive wheel design, increase the bending curvature, increase the belt contact area, the belt will not slip, and the service life, sealing machine technology is very mature. Professional Sealer The main drive mechanism uses a special platform for high precision, low noise, increased belt life.

5. Carton angle at both ends of the tape can be adjusted.

6. Sealing machine factory design without tape alarm series, open the door automatically stop the device to ensure the safety of maintenance. Automatic sealing machine work flow