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Automatic sealing machine principle
Oct 16, 2017

Automatic packing machine is one of the components of automatic boxing production line. Its main function is to install the box of products, automatic sealing, complete the final product packaging process.

The main components: to increase the body, press the body, the box body, adjust the width of institutions, racks, hot melt adhesive systems.

Working principle: After packing the product by the conveyor chain (belt, roller) into the sealing machine, and submitted to the box body, by the folder box clip the two sides of the carton, forward movement. The front tongue is automatically bent by the tongue and the tongue is automatically bent. When the carton enters the sealing machine roller, there is a detection signal (photoelectric signal) informing the tongue cylinder action, bending it by the tongue frame, and at the same time, Glue machine automatically spray glue. Cartons continue to move forward, left and right long tongue through the guide bar automatically to the middle of the bend, while the pressure box mechanism belt, simultaneously suppress the cartons around the tongue, so that the box, tongue, glued together to complete the sealing plastic movement, that product packaging Of the last process - automatic sealing