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Beverage equipment
Oct 16, 2017

Beverage industry is developed after the reform and opening up the emerging industry, in 1982 as a national plan management products, when the national total output of 400,000 tons of beverage. Over the past 20 years, China's beverage industry from small to large, has begun to take shape, become a certain basis, and can better meet the needs of the market one of the key industries of the food industry. The rapid development of the beverage industry, the national economic construction and improve people's lives and make due contributions to the quality of life. Drink has become an indispensable consumer food in the daily life of the people.

Beverage equipment is produced along with the production of the beverage industry and is accompanied by the development of the beverage industry. As early as 1890 the United States to create a glass filling machine. 1912 and invented the crown cap capping machine, and then created a set of filling and gland in one of the filling capping unit. At the beginning of the 20th century Germany also made manual filling machines and capping machines.

In the case of Drink equipment, a higher level of technology in Germany, the United States, Italy and Sweden. Japan, although Japan started late, but the development of fast, in the international market also occupies a certain position.

At present, the application of aseptic cold filling technology in beverage production is expanding day by day. Sterile cold filling equipment from the United Kingdom, and then spread to the United States and European countries, mainly used in the juice industry, nearly ten years has entered the dairy and other beverage filling market.