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Laser inkjet printer maintenance
Oct 16, 2017

1, to ensure qualified indoor working environment, if the indoor work environment dust and dust, easy to make dust into the main cartridge, vice ink cartridges, which then enter the nozzle, affecting the print head print effect, shorten the life of the nozzle;

2, in strict accordance with the requirements of the operation of equipment, fear of the surface of the surface of the nozzle part of the nozzle is not allowed to have any friction, or fine hair is easy to hang on the surface of the nozzle, long and long will block the nozzle and ink, ;

3, pay attention to the management of auxiliary accessories, laser inkjet printer on each of the accessories have their use, not free to remove and damage, such as the main cartridge, vice ink cartridges, filters, etc.;

4, each time before the use of inkjet printer must check the various parts of the inspection;

5, regular replacement of air filters.