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Packaging equipment important product forecast
Oct 16, 2017

1, bag molding - filling - sealing equipment: the development of serialization products and ancillary equipment to address the adaptability of materials, reliability issues using advanced technology to improve the speed, and can be applied to single film and composite film packaging Machine; as soon as possible the development of reliable, high-level automatic packaging of powder equipment.

2, beer, beverage filling complete sets of equipment: development for more than 100,000 tons / year large beer, beverage filling complete sets of equipment (including packing, unloading, sterilization, labeling, in situ cleaning, etc.); development of high speed, Low consumption, accurate measurement, automatic detection, and other multi-functional large-scale complete sets of equipment.

3, weighing filling equipment: the development of various forms of weighing filling equipment, efforts to improve the speed and accuracy, as well as stability and reliability, and automatic packaging equipment.

4, wrapping equipment: to improve product reliability and operational safety; in addition to plastic film wrapping equipment, the development of origami wrapping equipment; vigorously develop and package equipment supporting a variety of auxiliary devices to expand the host function application The

5, strapping packaging equipment: the development of various forms of strapping machinery; focus on the development of small desktop and large plastic belt strapping equipment and heavy objects (such as steel) automatic continuous strapping machine, the development of small tape strapping machine, With the department store, industrial materials, packaging, improve the level of automation.

6, aseptic packaging equipment: to shorten the gap with the international advanced level, improve the speed, improve the performance; the development of bags of aseptic packaging technology and equipment; development of semi-liquid aseptic packaging equipment, so that the series of sterile packaging equipment products; Type sterile small packaging machinery products to fill the domestic blank.

7, vacuum, ventilation packaging equipment: the development of large capacity for the bag (up to 1m3) continuous or semi-continuous vacuum packaging equipment and the required gas into the bag in proportion to the high-speed ventilation equipment.

8, corrugated board (box) production equipment: the development of wide (2 meters), high-speed complete sets of equipment; in light and medium equipment focus on complete sets of harmony; expand the depth and breadth of computer technology applications, focusing on improving performance and improve reliability The

9, canning equipment: the development of mercury-free welding wheel and special power, to improve production speed; the development of composite cans, shaped cans and spray cans and other series, complete sets of equipment and the corresponding system cover production lines.

10, environmental protection packaging machinery: open a variety of small packaging paper bag production equipment and paper substrates for packaging materials (containers) packaging equipment to meet the environmental protection requirements; to promote and improve the honeycomb paperboard manufacturing technology to speed up product packaging to Paper and wood; to promote and improve the pulp molding manufacturing technology, to expand the application of the surface, such as electronic product packaging development.

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