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Robot Palletizer
Oct 16, 2017

The robot palletizing machine is mainly composed of flattening conveyors, slowing conveyors, indexing conveyors, pallet positions, pallet conveyors, marshalling machines, pouch units, palletizing devices and pallet conveyors.

Robot palletizing machine is a machine, electrical integration of high-tech products. Medium and low palletizer can meet the production needs of low production. According to the requirements of the grouping methods and layers, to complete the bag, plastic blocks, boxes and other products of the palletizing. The optimized design makes the stacks tight and tidy.

The main control components, including programmable controllers, variable frequency speed controller, proximity switches, pushbutton switches and terminals, are of first-class products to ensure the reliability and long life of the system hardware. High-quality hardware and expert control designed by the combination of specialized software to achieve a high degree of automation system. Perfect safety interlock mechanism that protects equipment and operators. Graphic display Touch screen makes palletizer simple, easy to diagnose, and easy maintenance and maintenance.