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Cold Glue Labeling Machine

Cold Glue Labeling Machine

JG fully automatic rotary (opp) labeling machine especially for cold glue label. It’s widely used in edible oil, cooking oil auto labeling system.

Product Details

Cold Glue Labeling Machine

JG fully automatic rotary (opp) labeling machine especially design for cold glue label, perfect suitable for round and square pet plastic bottles. Widely used in edible oil, cooking oil, vegetable cooking oil system. It mainly work and connect with production line, suitable for high speed and high production capacity line, JG provide turn key service from filling system, capping system, labeling system ,case packing system, to palletizing system, we can design and customize according to your specific requirements.




This machine widely used in edible oil industry, cooking oil filling system also available for any sizes of round or square bottles.


Main Features:

1.One machine can handle various sizes of bottles and very easy cooperation to switch it.

2. Stable quality guarantee: main parts from reliable or famous brand suppliers, such as, diamond grinding wheel from Germany Sonsen, servo drivers from Germany Schneider, Siemens PLC, Japan sigma main motor, optoelectronic eyes from Japan or Germany, etc.

3. Adopt touch screen control system, make operation simple, practical and efficient.

Warning system to avoid wrong posting.

4. Adopt mature PLC control system technology, make the whole machine stable and high-speed

5. Advanced pneumatic code system technology, make the printed letter clear, fast and stable.

6. Production line is for optional , also turntable is optional for collecting, sorting and packaging.

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