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Packaging Equipment ClassificationⅡ
Oct 16, 2017

7 washing machine 

A machine that cleans packaging containers, packaging materials, packaging, and packaging to achieve the desired cleanliness requirements.

Dry cleaning machine; wet cleaning machine; mechanical cleaning machine; electrolytic cleaning machine; ionization cleaning machine ultrasonic cleaning machine; modular cleaning machine.

8 dryer

The removal of the moisture on the packaging container, the packaging material, the packaging aid and the package, and the intended drying of the machine. Thermal dryer; mechanical dryer; chemical dryer; vacuum dryer.

9 sterilization machine

Product, packaging containers, packaging materials, packaging aids and pesticides on the package to kill, to reduce it to allow the scope of the machine.

High temperature sterilization machine; microwave sterilizer.

10 strapping machine

Use a strapping or rope to bind the product or package, then tighten and crush the ends of the straps by thermal effects or by means of materials such as bunches.

Mechanical strapping machine; hydraulic strapping machine; pneumatic strapping machine; wear belt strapping machine; binding machine; compression packer.

11 assembly machine

The packaging unit is integrated or decomposed to form a suitable handling unit for the machine.

Assembly machine; stacker;

12 auxiliary packaging machine

The implementation of non-major packaging processes for packaging materials, packaging containers, packaging aids and packages.

Printer; finishing machine; inspection machine; sorting machine; conveyor; feeding machine.

Classification and name of packaging container manufacturing machinery products

Manufacture of packaging containers such as barrels, jars, boxes, boxes, bottles, bags.