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Packaging Equipment ClassificationⅠ
Oct 16, 2017

The classification of the machines in the packaging equipment for the completion of all or part of the packaging process

1 filling machine

The machine is filled with the packaging material into the packaging container in a predetermined amount.

1.1 volume filling machine, including: measuring cup filling machine; air filling machine; plunger filling machine; screw filling machine; metering pump type filling machine; intubation filling machine.

1.2 weighing filling machine, including: single scale weighing weighing machine; modular weighing refill machine; continuous weighing abandoned machine.

1.3 Counting Filling Machine, including: single-count filling machine; multi-counting filling machine; timing filling machine.

2 filling machine

The liquid product is perfused into the packaging container in a predetermined amount.

Pressure filling machine; negative pressure filling machine; atmospheric pressure filling machine; pressure filling machine.

3 sealing machine

A machine that seals the container after it has been packed in a packaging container.

Press-type sealing machine; pressure-type sealing machine; pressure-sealing machine; pressure-sealing machine; pressure-sealing machine; ; Ligation sealing machine;

4 wrapping machine

Wrap the product with local or all surfaces on a wrapping material.

4.1 Half wrapping machine.

4.2 wrapped in wrapped, including:

Folding wrapping machine; crimping wrapping machine; wrapping wrapping machine; wrapping wrapping machine; wrapping wrapping machine; wrapping wrapping machine;

5 multi-function packaging machine

Can complete a number of packaging processes of the machine.

5.1 Forming - filling - sealing machine, including: box (box) molding - filling - sealing machine; bag forming - filling - sealing machine; stamping - filling - sealing machine; thermoforming - filling - sealing machine.

5.2 other, vacuum packaging machine; inflatable packaging machine; blister packaging machine.

6 labeling machine

The use of adhesives or other means to display the label on the package or goods on the machine.

Adhesive labeling machine; sleeve label machine; set label machine; hanging label machine; shrink label machine;