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Packaging Equipment Development Trend
Oct 16, 2017

In recent years, China's packaging industry, although the annual growth rate ranked first in the traditional industry, but with the international market, you have to speed up the packaging technology development, to the economic, efficient and multi-functional direction. According to the needs of China's national economic development and the realization of a well-off life level, it is necessary to provide 100 billion yuan to 200 billion yuan for the packaging industry and the food industry to provide 80 billion yuan to 100 billion yuan For some enterprises in terms of a good development opportunities. At the same time, the author learned from the relevant ministries, "Ninth Five-Year" period, the packaging industry will invest 10 billion yuan to support and transform large and medium-sized packaging enterprises.

China's packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises, should grasp this opportunity.

Packaging machinery and equipment comprehensive upgrading of China and the world's packaging machinery development trend. The main features of the replacement are: a large number of transplanted civilian and military industries with a variety of modern high-precision technology, electronic technology, microelectronics technology, edge technology, fuzzy technology to accelerate the further improvement of packaging machinery and equipment and production line reliability, Unmanned workability and other automation level. Intelligent will enter the entire packaging machinery and equipment and production lines.

In today's world, the upgrading of packaging machinery and equipment and production lines is far ahead of Japan, earning a lot of dollars in this area. Southeast Asia four dragons also follow the footsteps of Japan, in the packaging machinery and equipment and production lines have extraordinary performance; in the EC, the Italian packaging machinery and equipment and production line replacement pace is far faster than other member countries.

The replacement process is to replace the local zero, parts or key components and key technologies, so as to achieve the purpose of replacing a unit, so that the original packaging machinery or production line production capacity, performance, efficiency, models and assembly methods Get updated. This is for most of the components, unit parts are reused, both to improve the value of equipment, but also save the raw materials and a lot of labor, reducing costs. This trend shows that packaging machinery and equipment, production lines more and more to the standardization, serialization, integration, assembly, online model development. Civil, military high-tech will also be more and more widely into the field of packaging machinery and equipment. Fierce competition in the market, will undoubtedly accelerate the packaging machinery and equipment in all walks of life in the upgrading and technological transformation of the pace.