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Packaging Machinery Industry Development Needs
Oct 16, 2017

Development of paper, plastic, coating, printing and other equipment is also the development of packaging machinery industry needs.

1. The development of a variety of corrugated corrugated units, production lines, can be quickly replaced under the pressure swing pendulum, to produce A-type, B-type, C-type and E-type corrugated board production line.

2. Develop a variety of resin two-way bit extension unit, the production line, the main replacement of the extrusion roundwheel, to expand the range of coarse adjustment of the lip, according to the performance of various resin design aspect ratio, biaxial stretch ratio and other related mechanical devices.

3. The development of a variety of coating machine, both for scraper coating, but also for air knife coating and measurement coating, and can be used for a variety of different coating coating, the thickness of the coating can be fine tuning.

4. The development of multi-function printing presses, both for offset printing, but also for gravure and flexographic printing (flexographic printing) not only printing paper, but also India plastic film, composite plastic, composite materials, aluminum foil (including vacuum aluminum) Packaging, decoration materials and so on.

Packaging machinery and equipment development trends related to a variety of industries, we would like to mobilize the power of the parties to attack a topic, so that packaging machinery and equipment to the world advanced ranks.