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Research On Development Of Packaging Machinery And Equipment
Oct 16, 2017

Many countries in the world of packaging machinery and equipment, production line manufacturing groups and multinational companies, are investing huge amounts of money and organization of professionals to carry out research and development, and strive to accelerate the integration of mechanical and electrical equipment packaging machinery process. The focus of its development research can summarize the following aspects:

1. To develop energy-saving (water, electricity, oil, steam, etc.) to save resources (raw materials, auxiliary materials, etc.) consumption indicators of the models, as well as waste recycling models.

2. Development of small energy consumption, output power, dynamic stability, low noise, small pollution models.

3. Develop multi-shaped packaging machine, can be square, rectangular, round, oval, triangle, pillow, strip, and odd shape and other packaging products for multi-functional packaging.

4. Develop multi-material packaging machine (filling machine, filling machine), can be liquid, semi-fluid, sticky, slurry and solid state of the granular, granular, powder, flaky, block, Shaped and odd objects and other items for multi-functional packaging models.

5. The development of a variety of base bag packaging, filling, filling and packaging of multi-functional models, paper, plastic, aluminum foil, composite materials such as multi-functional packaging operations.

6. The development of multi-base bag machine, a single multi-layer paper bags and plastic film bags, aluminum foil composite bag and paper-plastic composite bag manufacturing multi-functional models.

7. The development of a variety of resin molding machine, a variety of resin extruder, a variety of blown film machine, and a variety of resin salivation of the multi-functional models.

8. Development to reduce weight, reduce the possession of space, compact structure, easy installation and replacement, less maintenance (less) fault operations, and online quick repair and non-stop repair production line.

9. Develop a multi-range weighing machine, from grams - kg, from kilograms - dozens of kilograms (replace the weighing, hopper), in addition to a progressive improvement of machinery, electronic sensor scales, the development of non-interference light sensor, The accuracy of the material weighing.