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Palletizing System

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Palletizing system offer high and low palletizer options for different products in different industries. The mechanical palletizer developed by the latest technology at home and abroad adopts PLC and touch screen programming control, modular layout, flexible and simple operation.
Palletizing system consists of automatic bagging system, quantitative automatic packaging machine, sealing device, conveyor, inverted bag mechanism, weight rechecking machine, rejecting machine, shaping machine, inkjet printer, palletizing robot, pallet library, full plastic machine with the composition of equipment.
Palletizing system can complete the automatic quantitative packaging and palletizing production of viscous powder, ultra-light fine powder and common materials. Palletizing system can produce paper-plastic composite packaging bags, all-paper packaging bags, all-plastic packaging bags and other valve ports and open packaging bags. The system has high packaging precision, no dust pollution, high degree of automation, and very fast palletizing speed.
Palletizing system is a high-bed feed high-speed palletizer. We provide customers with a choice of new packaging mode programming man-machine interface, palletizing packaging production line can be single or multiple, can easily handle a variety of different packaging bags, such as paper bags, cartons, woven bags and so on.
As one of the most professional palletizing system manufacturers and suppliers in China, Jingguang offers the best customized palletizing system with competitive price. Welcome to buy palletizing system made in China from our factory.
1. The precision servo encoder is scanned according to the standard bottle height.
2. Fully electric tray with full tray detection and alarm indication.
3. Powerful high speed depalletizer for automatic unloading and unloading operations.
4. Environmentally friendly, energy efficient machines, regenerative power supplies use less energy than servos.
5. High-resolution touch screen with intelligent troubleshooting that simplifies troubleshooting and reduces downtime.
6. The lifting drive uses a high-speed servo motor, which allows quick pallet switching, accurate empty bottle positioning, and smooth delivery of empty bottles.
Palletizing system is widely used in food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical industries. It can provide automatic palletizing system for empty bottles and carton paper bags, and can be combined with the front packaging of the product to form a complete packaging production line.
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