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The weight machine realizes high-speed, high-precision weight detection under online dynamic conditions, and automatically sorts according to the set weight range parameters; according to different applications, it can be set as: sorting too light or overweight products, sorting missing parts The products are sorted according to different weight specifications.
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Working Principle:
The upstream product enters the metering conveyor neatly and equidistantly via the introduction conveyor belt, and when passing through the photoelectric sensor located at the front end of the metering conveyor belt, the weight machine begins to meter the product. During the process of measuring the conveyor belt, the weight sensor completes the metering operation of the product and displays the data to the operation department. The computer automatically compares the displayed metering data with a preset weight range value and sorts as required.
1. Underweight detection & overweight detection: Detect abnormal conditions such as underweight or overweight of products in the package, and track feedback information to other equipment in the assembly line to ensure that the net content of the product meets the requirements of the specification while saving expensive materials.
2. FCL missing parts detection: Such as lack of bottles, cans in the whole box, missing parts in the whole box.
3. Missing attachment detection: Detection of missing accessories in bags, boxes, bottles, cans, etc.
1. The conveyor belt has high speed, strong sorting ability and high sorting precision.
2. The screen operation is simple and clear, the large-size touch screen design, fully humanized operation interface.
3. The original advanced digital dynamic weighing technology realizes high-speed stable weighing, zero-point automatic analysis and tracking processing technology.
4. Powerful data statistics function to generate histograms, trend charts, and other statistical charts.
5. Fully automatic selection, eliminating human error.
6. Automatic fault detection function, automatic protection of power failure data, display can be rotated 360, convenient to use.
7. The unique ground vibration cancellation device ensures stable and reliable weighing and sorting results in a vibrating factory environment.
The weight machine is widely used in the aquatic poultry meat and vegetable industry, the daily chemical plastic electronic hardware industry, etc. It can detect whether the packaging product has abnormal weight deviation of overweight or underweight, and can feed back information to the filling or packaging equipment.
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